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Hair Extension Prices.

All of our extensions and enhancements are totally bespoke to you. We will take into account your styling routine, lifestyle and budget and will create the best package for you.

Our service also includes full aftercare treatment, maintenance and removal program. Your hair is very important to us and we believe you should never compromise on quality. As a general rule you can expect to pay between £310-£995.

We would love for you to join us for a totally free no obligation consultation to show you what we can offer you and to discover what separates us from the rest. We are also the only salon to be able to offer you 0% finance for your new luxury hair extension experience...

Styling Prices

Senior Stylist
Ladies Cut & Finish £39.40 £42.70 £48.20
Gents Cut & Finish £28.40 £31.70 £37.20
Blow Dry £26.20 £29.50 £35.00
Hair Extension Blowdry £37.20 £37.20 £40.50

Colouring Prices

Prices from:
Conditioning Hair Treatments
Full Head Highlights
Half Head Highlights
Whole Head Long
Whole Head Short
Tint Regrowth
Natural Glossing
Keratin Treatments

10% Student Discount Monday - Friday

(Excluding Hair Extensions)

(Not to be used in conjunction with any other discount)

Changes to Patch Testing Legislation.

It is now policy, that EVERY client, who is having a colour applied to their scalp, must be allergy tested. For your convenience, you can do these tests yourself at home prior to your appointment by using a Colourstart test kit. Please advise us if you have any adverse reactions.

The Government regulator ‘MHRA' (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) have recently reclassified Colourstart from a prescription-only medicine (POM) to a general sale list (GSL) medicine. Due to the increase of exposure to the ingredient PPD and subsequent increase in allergic reactions, the MHRA do not want to see consumers exposed unnecessarily and have advised less testing is safer.

To avoid overexposure, Colourstart is now supported by an online ‘passport system’, which allows a client to only ever have one skin test going forward. The MHRA have mandated that once a test has been carried out and a positive/green/go ahead result has been recorded, then a new test will only be necessary if there have been any changes.

Colourstart monitors and stores the information of those who have had a test and before each appointment, a client will undergo a quick and easy screening questionnaire to assess whether another test is necessary or whether they can go ahead with the appointment without further testing.

Colourstart consists of an adhesive patch that contains two small, separate squares. One square contains a small amount of PPD (this is the positive ‘+’ part), the other contains no PPD (this is the negative ‘-‘ part) and is used for comparison only.

The patch is applied to an easily visible part of the arm at least 5 days before an appointment for hair colour. The patch is left on for at least 48 hours (2 days) and then removed. 48 hrs (2 days) later, the arm can be inspected for any sign of a reaction.

If there is any sign of redness, itching or inflammation on the site of the patch, this is an indication that you may be allergic to PPD. If this happens you should not use hair colorant. If you are unsure about what to do, or if you have a severe reaction, you should seek the advice of a pharmacist or doctor.

Due to Colourstart now being classed as a general sale medicine, the industry is no longer allowed to give these out for free and they must in fact be sold at a recommended retail price of £15.99 The cost of these tests are the same across the UK and by no means are a money-making strategy.

Tests can be purchased here...

For more information on Colourstart you can visit their website here...

Please see the website for the latest update on this.

Please note:
All of our colour services exclude a blowdry or cut and finish and all prices state from as all of our colouring services are totally bespoke.

If you would like an exact price before we start working on your hair please mention this at the consultation stage and we will endeavour to give you your desired look within your budget.

We're here to help

Our friendly and highly experienced, award-winning team are ready to answer your questions

Tel: 0115 941 5117

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