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How to Answer All of Your Clients’ Questions About Donating Their Hair

How to Answer All of Your Clients’ Questions About Donating Their Hair

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Donating hair during a haircut is a great way for clients to give back. But knowing where to do it and what the process is is crucial. Here we spoken to those in the know to find out about the donation procedures in order to help out your clientele with their charitable deeds…

In 2018 The Duchess of Cambridge followed the steps of a number of celebrities, like Harry Styles, and donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust, Great Lengths UK have supported this charity since 2015 and has made 1500 donations since then. The charity provides wigs to children suffering hair loss through cancer treatment and alopecia.

Right now the salon is working closely with the charity to launch the initiative through the Great Lengths worldwide distribution network. In fact, due to the quality and quantity of donations received so far from Great Lengths, the charity is increasing the production of longer hair wigs and will be creating wigs created purely from GL donations, rather than a mix of GL and consumer’s hair.

James Henderson, Great Lengths certified stylist and charity ambassador and salon owner at M Hair Nottingham, gives insight into the donation process…

Does the colour and length of the hair matter?

Your client’s hair has to be in good condition, however, because of the gentle colouring procedures used all colours are suitable. The most important thing you have to make sure is that the hair is at least 40cm or 15 inches long.

Does the client has to prepare in any way before the salon appointment?

The only thing is that on the day of removal, the client needs to go into the salon with freshly washed blow-dried hair.

What is the donation procedure the salon should follow?

The hair must be tied into a number of ponytails, secured at both ends and free of any styling product or conditioner. After removing the extensions, carefully place them in a hair holder. Keep as much of the bond intact as possible.

Once the extensions have been removed, the hairstylist should secure the end of the extensions with a cable tie to create a perfect bundle to be donated. Ask your client to fill out a name tag with their details. They should be secured to the client donation in ordered for them to receive a ‘thank you’ email from the Little Princess Trust.