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Getting Hair Extensions? What You Need To Know

Getting Hair Extensions? What You Need To Know

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Getting hair extensions was something I had contemplated and researched for months before I decided to get them done. I had always dreamed of having the long and thick hair I saw on my Instagram feed every day.

With there being so much choice and a potentially pretty expensive price tag attached, it can be a decision you want to make sure certain about. So, I decided to write this post to give you all the information you need to know if you are thinking about getting extensions...

There are plenty of options if you're looking into getting extensions. After researching the different types and which I thought best suited what I wanted and needed I decided to go with micro bond extensions. Micro bond extensions are the closest to natural hair as the keratin bonds are fused to your natural hair. I have Great Lengths extensions, which specialise in this type of hair extensions but also do tapes! The main reason I decided to go with micro bond extensions are that they last a fairly long amount of time ( 3-4 months), I like how natural and you can't tell I have them fitted at all!

Getting them fitted

Before getting them done, you most likely will be invited for a consultation where they can talk to you about the length you want and to colour match so they can order them into the salon before your appointment. Getting them fitted can be a lengthy process and even longer if you're having them taken out and new ones fitted and I can spend anywhere between 3-4 hours in the chair getting my hair done.


Something I wish I had known before I got extensions was the maintenance and upkeep that is needed. Making sure your extensions are well kept and looked after is essential to keeping them looking fresh and in a great condition. There is quite a bit of aftercare that comes with this, so if you are low maintenance and don't want to dedicate time to this then that's something to take into consideration. Your salon may include a care package with the price, like mine did, where you get given a shampoo and conditioner to use and a brush that is suitable to use with your extensions. Getting used to looking after my hair, took some time and with my first set I definitely don't think I did it right. Now, I've learnt to find natural shampoo and conditioner to use as this works best for my bonds and hair, to use a hair oil to lock in the moisture because I can find the extensions to get fairly dry quickly and to tie it up or plait it before I go to bed. The thing I love about my micro bond extensions is that I can treat it just like my hair - I style it everyday, tie it up and can even dye it without it being a problem! The most important advice I can give is to take care of the back of your head where you are most likely to naturally "rub" it more in your sleep and make sure you are taking care to brush that area properly because it is so easy to get "dreads" and take it from someone who learnt the hard way - they hurt like hell to get it brushed out.



Prices for hair extensions can differ massively depending on a range of factors like if you have synthetic or human hair, which type of extension you have fitted and which salon you go too. For the fitting of my micro bond extensions (which also includes free removal - check as some salons don't offer this and charge extra to have them removed and aftercare kit including shampoo, conditioner and brush you will need for your hair) the cost is £710 and I get them refitted every 4-5 months. So, they are quite expensive, however, there are some salons that offer you the chance to do monthly instalments which can spread the cost or I put money aside each month and have cut back on other expenses to be able to afford having my hair because its an expense I can and want to spend.

Does it ruin your natural hair?

This was the main question I had before I got extensions and what I was scared about the first time I got them taken out after the first four months (well, six because I forgot to book an appointment). Every time I go an get them out, I always forget that the bonds are fused around my hair so have this idea that when they take them out, I'm going to bald. Definitely not the case! My bonds have not damaged or ruined my hair in the slightest - if anything my hair looks healthier and longer than ever! Because of the extensions, I feel my hair is better protected from styling and I actually do less styling than before because I'm now happy to leave my hair naturally styled. I can't believe how much my hair has grown since I first started getting them and is now pretty much the same length as my extensions. My hair in such a healthy and strong condition compared to before.

Left - Hair before extensions fitted Right - Hair before second fitting of extensions, 6 months later. 

So, is it worth it?

There is a lot to consider when getting extensions - the price, upkeep and aftercare being the main factors you should consider when thinking about whether extensions are for you. However, for me my extensions are the best purchase I've made and I wouldn't go back. My hair is a huge part of my life and has played a huge role in my confidence. I feel so much more confident with the hair I had been dreaming of for years! I see my hair as an investment and this is something I am more than happy to invest money into because I just feel more me and happy with my hair and that shows through how I feel.

I have Microbond Great Lengths Extensions, fitted at M Hair Extensions, Nottingham 

I hope you found this post useful and if you have any more questions, feel free to drop them below and I'll do my best to answer!

Courtesy of: Robyn - award winning alternative fashion blogger