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Back in the Habit, Extensions are Here to Stay!

Back in the Habit, Extensions are Here to Stay!

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As we enter another stage of uncertainty and get closer to the winter months, reassurance is needed for our clients and is key to maintaining a strong and steady extension business.

This time, we are better prepared and everything we worked so hard to get into place following the lockdown earlier this year is ready to be implemented again if so needed. Sharing this with clients, either in person, through the website or on your social channels is key to maintaining your repeat businesses, creating new interest, and ensuring your extensions services remain active.

There are many ways you can ensure clients are reassured and remain confident in you and your services. We have put together the following checklist with the help of our stylists.

1. PPE and following the Government guidelines

An obvious one and so important to implement as a client-facing business. Go further than government guidelines if you can, there is no harm in making your salon and in turn your clients and staff feel more safe than most. Clients will lose trust in salons that are not following the guidelines and feel safer in those that are going the extra mile. James Henderson of M Hair Nottingham comments:

James Henderson

As a salon, I truly feel that we have gone above and beyond the basic government guidelines and by doing this we have gained new clients. They have moved across to us because they have seen the lengths we have gone to ensure their confidence and security.

2. Longevity

Clients may have reverted back to their natural hair to remove the hassle of regular visits to the salon so if your clients are worried, suggest keratin bonds which can last up to six months and even longer with the correct aftercare and maintenance, without causing any damage to the hair. On the flip side, your bond clients may want to switch to GL Tapes if they are worried about removal, at-home removal is not usually advised but during a lockdown and with the assistance of a Great Lengths certified stylist the removal process can be managed virtually.

3. Newness, colours, and shapes

With online shopping soaring, a visit to the salon is an experience now more than ever, a day out for some! Excite your clients with newness, Great Lengths have launched three new limited-edition colours Brown Rose, Strawberry Blonde and Peach Blonde, and have new aftercare products available too! This is a great time to upsell and add to your clients in-salon experience, many things in our lives have become mundane and samey this year so something new will go down better than ever! Vicky Demetriou of Larry King comments:

Clients are just excited to look fresh and have something new to look forward to! Lots of soft shapes and fun colours as we come into autumn. Extensions have always been a great way to maintain fragile sections of hair and when clients are coming to the salon for their maintenance haircuts and hair additions it’s a great way to keep your look updated when you're not shopping for clothes.

4. Aftercare and maintenance

Always important, always encouraged, but now more than ever expand your in-salon set up towards aftercare and maintenance especially when it comes to extensions. Your clients need to know how to look after them themselves at home and need to be sent away with the very best advice and products to be confident in themselves that they won’t be left in the dark and will be fully prepared and know how best to look after their hair. Create retail packages to upsell and provide aftercare consultations to fully educate your Great Lengths clients.

5. Lockdown prep

First time round we were all so unprepared. Second time round contingency plans will be in place! Prep for another lockdown and fingers crossed you never have to use it. Know how you will be keeping in touch with your clients about what services you can offer whilst you can’t get to them. Think online consultations, direct retail selling, pre-booking and gift cards! Keep clients informed of all the backup measures you have in place so they will be confident in sticking with you through it all.