Great Lengths Difference

Great Lengths Difference

Great Lengths International does not work through hair brokers. Great Lengths operates and employs our own sourcing staff and facilities in India so that we are always 100% sure of our hairs' source.

Great Lengths is the only extension company in the world that guarantees with documented support that all Great Lengths hair has met the following criteria:

Every strand has been donated willingly and with the full consent of the donor.

The donor has been treated with respect and care.

A fair and reasonable price is agreed for the hair and the money paid to the Temples to procure the hair is used solely for charitable endeavors, not for personal or individual profit.

A company representative procures the hair to cut out unreliable middlemen and ensure full and direct knowledge of the origin of the hair.

●   Exclusive in-house production process: Used from procurement of the hair to the wholesale selling of the extension to ensure full and documented traceability. Great Lengths International does not work through hair brokers. Great Lengths operates and employs our own sourcing staff and facilities in India so that we are always 100% sure of our hairs' source.


Indian hair is optimal for the manufacturing of hair extensions.

Great Lengths utilizes only Remy Hair which means that the cuticle layers are all facing the same direction from root to end and, therefore, do not tangle. This also ensures that the extensions behave exactly like your own hair, blending in superbly with yours and looking super natural!

European Hair:

Unsuitable for hair extensions.

European hair is very fine and can be found on the market only in very small quantities. Few European women would be willing to give up their hair to hair companies and, if they did, it would be necessary for their hair to never have been chemically treated. Very unlikely!

Chinese Hair:

Unsuitable for hair extensions.

Even though Chinese hair can be found in large quantities, this type of hair is not compatible with most hair textures. The structure of the cuticle and cortex are formed in a rounded cross-section as opposed to the oval shape of Caucasian hair, making it too thick and rigid to be utilized for extensions. This kind of hair is acceptable for the preparation of wigs and toupes, since these are dry cleaned only, allowing the silicone layer to stay and the hair to remain shiny.

Brushed Indian Hair:

Unsuitable for hair extensions.

Hundreds of thousands of Indian women gather the hair that is collected in their brushes which consists of different lengths, thicknesses and colors. This method of collection results in balls of yarn where the hair lies unorganized in all directions. Because of the inability to insure the cuticle layer of the hair is facing the same direction, it is necessary to submit it to an aggressive acid treatment to strip it of its cuticle layer. Once removed, the hair receives a silicone coating which allows it to remain tangle free after the first few shampoos. The condition and manageability continue to diminish over time.

Patented Bonding Method

Our Keratin:

The method of bonding patented by Great Lengths is of the highest technology. The keratin is a polymer compound whose molecular structure is very similar to that of human hair and respects its same properties and alterations. When wet, hair expands and when dry it contracts back to its natural state. Our keratin moves and behaves like your own hair, ensuring a gentle yet strong hold without damage. Other polymers:

Unlike our keratin, other polymers do not behave like human hair. This means that the Environmental elements will soon deteriorate the bond and the hair starts to fall out. .

Ethicality and Ethos

The origin of Great Lengths Hair

Where does Great Lengths hair come from? This question is posed by women all around the world who are considering hair extensions and their ethicality. We are justifiably dubious about the origin, quality and traceability. While most extension companies source and purchase their hair from a third party, Great Lengths chooses to source hair directly to provide the highest quality 100% real Human Hair that is guaranteed to be ethically sourced and traceable, making it unique in the Extension industry.

Great Lengths sources their hair from the Hindu Temple, Tirumala, where the traditional religious ceremony ′tonsuring′ is practiced. Entire families (men, women, children, grandparents) make the pilgrimage to the temple to voluntarily have their heads shaved. This act of thanksgiving typically takes place before or after a momentous, joyful event.

In order to provide transparency in hair purchasing and processing for our customers, we are the only extension company to employ full time staff based in India to ensure the proceeds from the legitimately purchased hair is funneled directly back into the local community. These monies fund medical aid, education systems and other crucial infrastructure projects.